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Tips for going back to work after maternity leave

Achieving a healthy balance between family and children on one hand and job and career on the other is an exquisite challenge to modern women striving to have fulfilled life in every aspect. The transitional period after maternity leave, when you are brand new Mom and are expected to leave your baby for several hours and go back to work is a particularly tough task. It is a tough task on so many levels, physically, emotionally and socially. It requires a lot of strength, great organizing skills, patience, creativity and a lot of inner energy. It is certainly an individual experience, but here are some tips and tricks you might find useful and helping to make this period and time of changes slightly less difficult.

Organizing daycare for your baby

post2aIt might be the toughest part of going back to work and the absolute priority on the list of things to take care of. You have two usual options: to hire professional babysitting daycare or to engage your family members if possible. Whatever option you choose, you need to have someone reliable, trusted, responsible and capable of handling and taking care of your child almost as good as you would. Start making this plan long before you have to go back to work to cover all the aspects. If you choose professional babysitting and daycare, be detailed in given instructions and feel free to ask them to send you pictures, messages and additional proves of your baby doing fine while you are absent.

Organize your working shifts as much as possible

Announce your coming back to work and talk to your bosses about some tough aspects of organization you are faced with. Ask for part-time working shifts for at least first few weeks if possible to go through transition slowly and steadily. Ask for permission to pause shift if you have to run back home or to daycare and provide some stuff you baby suddenly misses. When bosses are familiar with all the issues of organization, it gets easier to talk it all through and get more understanding, compassion and flexible treatment.

post2bUse the nighttime to prepare it all

The skilled and thorough organization is the key of successful and the least stressful going through this period. To avoid mistakes, to forget things, running late and getting frustrated along the way, use your nighttime to prepare all the necessary things for the next day. This will buy you some time in the morning, release some morning stress and rush and as you get experienced, it won’t even cost you much of sleeping.

The cozy outfit is essential

It’s expected that most of your pants, skirts and other pieces of clothes you used to wear at the office probably won’t fit you during this period. Thus shopping is inevitable. Make sure to purchase yourself some cozy and comfortable pieces of clothes that won’t make you feel uncomfortable while you are trying to cope with this challenging schedule.