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Proper nutrition for multitasking women

Insisting on a proper, balanced and high-quality nutrition in your everyday life should not be occasional topic usually during periods when you are engaged in physical activity and training. Getting fit and losing weight isn’t the only reason you should list to nutritionist’s advice and directions and implement better diet into your daily routine. This particularly goes for modern and busy women trying to handle overwhelming daily schedules, balance career, family and social lives. Proper diet will provide you with enough inner energy, not only physically, but also enhance your mental functioning and psychological harmony. If you strive to achieve a lot by multitasking and shooting for big, you need fuel for endurance and strong health. Here is some useful advice from nutrition specialist you might find useful.

Timing is essential

post1aThis might sound as pointing out the obvious, but you should stick to your regular schedule of meals. Too many women skip at least one meal, usually breakfast, due to running late or being too busy to eat. It is not just about taking a certain total amount of calories because you won’t compensate missed breakfast with the next meal. The body needs to get used to regularity. Also, too many women try to lose their weight by skipping dinner. This causes hunger during the night and consequential overeating during the next meal. It is far better to stick to a certain schedule including three bigger or five smaller meals and to spare your body unhealthy impact of hunger versus overeating.

post1bMore protein, less carbs

Although multitasking women tend to fuel and energize themselves with some quick meals rich in sugar (and instant energy), it is far better to stick to slow-burning carbs that will provide you with energy in the long run and prevent unhealthy fluctuations of blood sugar concentration. At the same time, too many women lack proteins in their routine diet due to neglecting their importance. Nutritionists suggest proteins in every meal in small portions.

Don’t forget about water and iron.

A common problem seen among hyperactive women is drinking pots of coffee and forgetting water. Hydration isn’t good and necessary just for the softness of your skin, regardless of the fact that most health and beauty magazines promote it mostly in that context. Another common issue is anemia, especially among women with prolonged menstruation and lack of meat in their diet. Supplementing iron and hydrating yourself regularly will boost you with energy and improve your overall health significantly.